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Care, Support, Health & more..

Care & Support

Lifestyle specific activities and services for all senior Australians that embrace the multicultural, linguistic and religious heritages that form the ‘one-family’ community at Jeta Gardens.

Diversity is Celebrated

Jeta Gardens has uniquely embraced their vision of multiculturalism to unite all Australians into one family where residents enjoy activities and services to nurture their individual cultural heritage and beliefs while enjoying that of others.

There are assigned multicultural staff on every shift to ensure each resident’s linguistic needs are fulfilled. The individualised culturally appropriate care and lifestyle models are applied throughout Jeta Gardens.

Residents enjoy a variety of activities ranging from arts and crafts, entertainment, movie nights and events with the entire Jeta Gardens community.

Gardens Tranquility

Tranquil parklands and landscaped surrounds create an environment of harmony and peace, showcasing a traditional Chinese garden and lake featuring authentic pagoda and bridge.

Garden Paradise

Nestled on the banks of the Logan River, the majority of the Jeta Gardens’ 64-acre site comprises vast landscaped gardens and parklands. Within this expansive garden paradise there are plenty of spaces and seated areas for residents to enjoy both relaxing and being active with family and friends.

Reflective of the Eastern philosophies and oriental heritage of Jeta Gardens, is the authentic Chinese gardens which features willow trees and exotic plants, pagoda and a bridge crossing the lake, creating a sense of tranquillity and pleasure.

Beyond the lake is the residents’ vegetable and herb garden. The garden bed is built on a raised platform making ‘organic farming’ at Jeta Gardens an easy and enjoyable leisure time pursuit.

For those who wish to be more active, there are nearly two and a half kilometres of walking trails that are also bicycle friendly, to be explored while enjoying the serene environment.


A place where people can congregate to share news and experiences; celebrate special occasions, nurture friendships and where Jeta Gardens’ community thrives.

Heart of the Community

The clubhouse is the essence of where the Jeta Gardens’ ‘one happy family’ flourishes. One of the most popular parts within the large air-conditioned clubhouse is the residents’ café and licenced bar, catering for both Asian and Western tastes with meals prepared by on-site chefs.

To make it convenient for residents to stay healthy, there is a gymnasium and fitness room, as well as meditation or spiritual practice rooms available for quiet contemplation. Jeta Gardens also has consultation rooms for residents who may need to access services from health professionals on a regular basis.

The clubhouse also boasts a multipurpose auditorium and dance floor for concerts, events and activities. Other facilities included are a hairdressing salon, resident library, games area, arts and crafts facilities, billiards, table tennis and indoor bowls.

Outside the clubhouse within the landscaped gardens is a barbecue and seating area that Jeta Gardens residents, their family and friends can enjoy.

Social Activities

The enjoyment and satisfaction experienced by being part of Jeta Gardens’ community is discovered within the rich array of activities and events that are offered.

Harmony in Diversity

Jeta Gardens welcomes people from all cultures and backgrounds and this is reflected in the activities and events that are available. Residents can choose to participate in as much or as little as they like, everything from karaoke to indoor lawn bowls, dancing, Mahjong, tai chi in the peaceful gardens, calligraphy classes or the many other arts and crafts activities that are on offer.

Another very popular pastime among existing residents is ‘organic farming’ in the raised vegetable and herb garden beds.

A Lifestyle Activities Co-ordinator organises weekly activities and excursions for residents. These range from daily yum cha lunches through to shopping centre visits and trips to the Gold Coast in the community bus.

The cultural diversity of the residents at Jeta Gardens means there are many different traditional celebrations that take place throughout the year that residents can be involved in – Chinese New Year, Australia Day and St Patrick’s Day, to name a few. All residents, their family and friends are
welcome to join in and discover the many other cultures and beliefs that make the community at Jeta Gardens truly unique.