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As we know COVID is still going on and on, with restrictions happening again and again, and we can’t stop yearning for a return to happier times. One such happy occasion is getting together annually with new and old friends to celebrate Father’s Day. So this year, on the 3rd of October, we had a Father’s Day BBQ in the clubhouse. Of course, we had father’s Day gifts, and CEO Wesley distributed them to all the fathers and other gentlemen. Our kitchen also made some delicious food for this day. Although in these pandemic times, we couldn’t celebrate this day with the family, we still had lots fun with our friends and staff in Jeta. Wishing happiness to all the fathers in the world.


In order to help RV residents to get their COVID 19 vaccination more easily, Jeta management
arranged for them to have their vaccinations in the clubhouse at the same time as the Jeta staff. This especially helped the residents who cannot drive or speak English. Registered nurses from the clinical department prepared everything for this, and provided consultation and service work on site. Many thanks for them for their hard work.


The Moon festival, which is also called the midAutumn Festival, is a traditional Chinese festival. It is celebrated when the moon is at its biggest and fullest, and symbolizes family reunion and peace. So on 25th of October, we held a moon festival celebration lunch party in the clubhouse, with the master chefs of Jeta also making the symbolic food of Moon Cake for this day. First, Jeta Choir sang a beautiful song called “Hometown of the moon”, which expresses the feeling of missing the hometown and family. After enjoying the delicious lunch, Queensland Chinese Philharmonic Choir presented a wonderful performance for everyone. And this time, Olivia also sang a piece from a Cantonese opera, this is really not easy for her, because her first language is Mandarin, but she sang very well and was warmly applauded.


As you may be aware, the trip to Tasmania has been postponed until late March 2022. This decision was made due to the looming potential of another lockdown in SE QLD. The risk was if we travelled to Hobart and SE QLD went into lockdown, the tour group would have to follow the QLD lockdown rules while in Tasmania putting the whole trip on hold. The tour will now depart on March 28th 2022 for 6 nights. If you would like to join the tour, places are still available. Please contact Olivia for details.

The recent Annual Residents Meeting (ARM) was held on September 16th 2021. Unfortunately the meeting was suspended before the resolution to accept the budget was concluded. As such the meeting will be resumed on October 27th to adopt the budget for the RV fees. 

A meeting was held on Friday 17th of September 2021 to receive any questions from residents who were not able to have their questions addressed at the ARS due to the meeting being suspended. A number of issues were raised at the meeting. A summary of these issues is attached. To improve the system going forward, I will develop a process to confirm the registering of maintenance issues and an expected timeframe for completion or an update if the request involves the coordination of other trades to come on site. This will be a work in progress and your feedback will be welcomed. 

The new residents committee meeting was held on Saturday 25th of September. After the meeting a list of requests was sent to my office. These items have been included on the attached summary. 

You may have noticed that the vacant land next to Jeta Gardens is currently for sale under an Expression Of Interest process (EIO). This land had been purchased some years ago and land banked for future development. The plans were to build an apartment to incorporate student accommodation, a training facility and potentially a private hospital. With time and changing needs and a changing focus, the Board decided to sell the land as future development into non-core services is not something that the board is wishing to develop or fund. It is agreed that Residential Aged Care, Home care and the current Retirement Village is the business we need to remain focused on and invest in going forward. The proceeds from the sale of the land will be used to discharge a mortgage currently held over the land and reduce debt / borrowing costs current incurred by Jeta Gardens. This is a positive move as the development costs of this site is something that could not be realized for many years. Any future expansion of Jeta Gardens could be through potential acquisitions or partnerships. 

Over the past 12 months the interest in the Retirement Village has been slow, mainly due to Covid 19 restrictions and lock downs. Activities to promote Jeta Gardens however have been occurring including on site information sessions, attendance at community events etc. I am pleased to say that a combination of many activities and persistence by Olivia has seen some recent sales occur within the RV. Next month the current “under offers” should have converted to sales and an event will be held to welcome the new residents to the Retirement Village. 

As we know Jeta Gardens will be holding an Open Day on Saturday 30th of October 2021, and Jeta Art Exhibition will open on Friday 29th of October 2021.