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Flexibility for You

Our contracts at Jeta Gardens offer flexibility to cater to your individual needs and preferences. Choose from our range of contract options, including Participating, Assured, Reduced, Prepaid, and Pay as you Go contracts, each designed to provide different levels of financial commitment and security. Whether you prefer an ingoing contribution based on the advertised price, a non-refundable contract premium, or a pay-as-you-go arrangement with weekly instalments, our contracts offer versatility to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Contract Options

There are a number of financial options available which will be offered at the scheme operator’s sole discretion. Whether a new resident pays an exit fee depends on the financial option in their Residence Contract.

Subject to availability, residents may choose one of the following financial options:

Participating Contract

Simple & Transparent – Embrace hassle-free living with our Participating Contract, offering you peace of mind and security. Start your retirement journey with an ingoing contribution agreed by the advertised, with the future benefit of sharing in capital gains on the resale of your dwelling.

Assured Contract

Flexibility & Peace of Mind – Discover our Assured Contract. With an ingoing contribution based on the advertised price, you have the option for greater financial security without the risk or reward of price movements on the resale of your dwelling.

Reduced Contract

Affordability – Our Reduced Contract benefits from a discounted ingoing contribution offset by and additional Deferred Management Fee (DMF) payment at exit.  An option for those looking to keep more capital available to enjoy your retirement.

Prepaid Contract

Capital Investment – For those with slightly more funds available, invest more in your property upfront and prepay the Deferred Management Fee, allowing all the potential capital uplift to be yours on the resale of your dwelling.

Pay as you Go

Freedom & Flexibility – Enjoy the benefits of retirement living with reduced the upfront financial commitment by tailoring your Pay as you Go Contract to suit your lifestyle. With a minimal upfront bond amount, pay all fees for accommodation, general services, maintenance and operator costs in weekly instalments allowing more funds to use in your retirement but nothing returned to you at exit.

Do you have any questions about our contract options?